Why I’m Personally Shipping EVERY SINGLE book

*This post is sponsored by Office Depot Office Max

My book is finally out and pre-orders have been shipped to all customers! Woo-hoo! And guess who shipped each and every order?

…That’s right… I did!

I could have outsourced and used an order fulfillment service but I decided to do it myself because I wanted to focus on making sure that every order was packed with attention to detail and in a timely manner. Quality and customer service is really important to me and I wanted that reflected when customers received their orders. It seemed like a daunting task at first because I’ve never shipped hundreds of books before, but it’s actually been pretty seamless because Office Depot OfficeMax had everything I needed to get the orders packed up and shipped out. From, custom stickers to packing tape and more I was able to find exactly what I needed at Office Depot OfficeMax.

Here’s a list of what I got:

  • Dymo Thermal Label Printer (It prints shipping labels fast and requires no ink!!)
  • Dymo Labels
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Custom Stickers
  • and a folding table to pack orders on!

Here’s a peek at my workstation! I try to keep it as clutter-free and organized as possible, with only the items I need to complete the orders for the day. Under the table I have boxes of refill items. You can shop my list of supplies here.

One of my the things I love about Office Depot OfficeMax is that they price match! I was able to save over $100 on the label printer and $10 on each pack of labels because I price matched!

My favorite part of my book packaging is the custom sticker that goes on each order. Getting custom stickers made at Office Depot OfficeMax is incredibly easy, and it is a simple touch that really elevates your packaging. You can design your label on the Office Depot Office Max site and your labels are ready to ship to you in just one business day. This was my first time getting customer stickers made, and it’s something that I will continue to incorporate. When it comes to portraying a strong brand image- every little detail matters, Office Depot Office Max makes it so easy to do- it’s a no brainer!

If you are looking for office supplies, school supplies, shipping supplies or items to organize your home office – Office Depot OfficeMax is the place to go! The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and don’t forget that you can order items online for in-store pickup, curbside pick-up and delivery (based on availability). Some of the items I needed were ready to curbside pick up just 20 minutes after my order and other items were available for next day deliver. Talk about fast and efficient! Office Depot OfficeMax has made the process of shipping hundreds of orders easier on me and for that, I am grateful!

Well, that’s all for now friends! I’m going to get back to getting these orders out! I can’t wait until you get yours! If you haven’t ordered yet, well now is the time to get your ACRES.

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