Podcast Round-Up

I know it feels like day 9,537 of this pandemic. Believe me, I feel you!

If you’re looking for some new podcasts to listen to, here’s a list of 21 podcasts that I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on. Just click the links below to go directly to my interview.

If you’re wondering how I got started with real estate or if you need practical tips on how to start your journey, these interviews are a great place to start! And be sure to listen to the other amazing episodes on these podcasts as well!


Side Hustle Pro | How Real Estate Investing Allowed Her to Retire from Here 9-5

Minority Trailblazer | You are Worthy of Wealth – My Journey to 8 Rental Properties


The Level Up REI Podcast | Wealth, Real Estate and The Black Community

FI Women Community Podcast | How to Get Started with Real Estate Investing

The Flavor Podcast | House Hacking Your Way to Wealth

The Todd Millionaire Podcast | Black Landlords Matter

Real Estate Investor Goddess | Real Estate Investing as a Side Hustle

Home School’d | Retire in Your 30’s?! Investing in Real Estate 101

Money Monopolizers | From 9-5 to Retiring at 32 with Kendra Barnes

Black Real Estate Dialogue | 8 Doors and Retirement at 32

Austin Smith Podcast | Financially Free Shortly after 30

Real Estate 101 Podcast | Passive Wealth Through Rental Properties


Journey to Launch | Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

I Don’t Do Budgets | Start House Hacking to Get into Real Estate w/ Kendra Barnes

Live Financially Savvy | Kendra Barnes talks about The Key Resource to Build Wealth

Girl Talk with Fo | How to Start Real Estate Investing with Kendra Barnes

UNCENT$SORED  | Motherhood, Real Estate and Legacy

Wealth Building Momma | The Key Resource with Kendra Barnes

Finance Tea | House Hacking with Kendra Barnes

Love and Money Podcast | How to Get Your First Rental Property

The Purpose of Money | How to Retire Early at 32

Major Margins Podcast | Start Real Estate Investing to Build Wealth

Black Married and Debt Free | Retired at 32! Kendra Tells Us How She Did It

Cafe Con Pam | Real Estate Investing with Kendra Barnes

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