No Real Estate License Needed

Contrary to popular belief- YOU DO NOT need a Real Estate License to buy real estate.⁣⁣
I get that question at least twice a week and I really don’t want people wasting their time and money on getting a real estate license if they don’t have to!⁣⁣
If you are trying to get your license just to get the training that comes along with it, it’s not worth it! They do not teach you how to invest in real estate in that training. They just teach you how to not get sued as an agent. If you are looking for real estate investment training comment below with what type of training you are looking for and I will point you in the direction of a resource I offer or another resource that I know about that someone else offers!

So I want to be sure you know: you do NOT need a Real Estate License to invest in real estate, but it helps to have a really good Real Estate agent representing you. If you’re looking for one, let me know here and I’ll connect you with one of the awesome agents I know! I have connects all over! ⁣⁣
Keep in mind that if you do get your license, the monthly and annual fees are no joke! So make sure it’s worth it!

Here are a few examples where getting your real estate license is worth it:

  • If you plan on making a career out of being a real estate agent
  • If you plan on selling properties that you own and it makes financial sense for you to represent your self as your own agent. *In a real estate transaction, the seller pays the real estate agent’s fees, so for instance if you flip houses, each time you sell a house you’d have to pay an agent unless you’re your own agent. Just make sure the numbers make sense! Factor in the costs of maintaining your license along with how much money you’d save representing yourself.

Questions? Let me know in the comments!

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