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Welcome to my Weekly Recap where I share what I’m working on, watching, and listening to! If you’ve ever wondered what my week looks like…here’s a peek!

This past week was a hard one. The world watched as domestic terrorists violently stormed the Capitol as the police stood by and let it happen- The same police that justify killing an unarmed Black person for just walking down the street.

2020 really uncovered a lot of ugliness that was hiding in the shadows of America, and we are still dealing with it as we go into 2021. As we start the new year, I’m trying to stay steadfast in my goals and maintain some level of peace despite what’s going on around us.

Cheers to a productive 2021 despite the chaos! Just remember to give yourself some grace as you work towards your goals! Hopefully you enjoy these weekly recaps and resources.


You guys know I’ve been a fan of Roofstock for years. Not only do I love their platform, but I also love their resources too! Last week I signed up for one of their free webinars about scaling your portfolio and this week I attended one about their new rental property calculator. I tuned into this one because I love staying up to date on new tools and tech in the real estate industry! If you want to be notified about their online classes (and they have them pretty often!) you’ll need to create a free account so that you’re on the list.


I listened to two things recently that I want to share:

First, this podcast episode (“Falling Deeply and Madly In Love With Your Own Damn Life”) by Jessica of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast is the perfect way to start of the New Year. The wisdom and clarity she shares is SO GOOD and her voice just sounds like a warm hug! Seriously, go listen to it! It will bless your LIFE.

I also just finished this book: The Lazy Genius Way.

Audiobooks have been my go-to lately because it’s only the way I can find time to “read” a book in between chasing my 1 year old around the house all day. If you are a multi-tasking Mama, you’ll love The Lazy Genius Way, and I really loved the audio book because it’s great to hear it in the author’s voice and hear her humor shine through. (I should have known it would be a good read because the author’s name is Kendra!)

Oh and since we are on the topic of multi-tasking…one thing that has freed up lots of time in my schedule is getting prepped meals delivered every week! #GameChanger

If you are interested in trying the Evolve meals, send me a message and I will let you know which are my faves!


Wondering what the housing market might look like in 2021? This Redfin article is a good read: Redfin’s 2021 Housing Market Predictions .

That’s it for this week! I have some fun projects I’ll share next week + a major update with one of my rental properties and more resources I’m digging into. Have a great weekend!

  1. Jhanel says:

    This post is jam packed with useful information! I too love audiobooks. My audible subscription is like gold. I’ll add this book to my list!

    And Yes to anything making meal time easier. I go back and forth between meal kits and full prepped meals. Depends on my “feel like it” meter.

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