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Can I let you in on a little secret? Professional staging services increase perceived home value as well as get a house off the market faster.

Buyers want to imagine their family in the home, not someone else’s. Depersonalizing a home by removing family photos, sports team gear, personalized décor, etc can make homes more inviting to buyers and remove potential distractions that can take away from the perceived value.

That’s where home staging comes in. Here are a few benefits of home staging:

  • getting the home sold faster
  • increasing the listing price
  • helping the home sell over the asking price
  • making the home show better
  • making rooms appear larger
  • increasing attendance at open houses

Though the benefits of home staging are abundant, many sellers don’t want to shell out the extra money to get it done…and that’s totally understandable!

But guess what… you can get your home staged without paying a dime thanks to Curbio.

With Curbio’s pay-at-closing model, homeowners do not have to pay a penny until the house is sold. Curbio pays up front, and you pay them back from the profits at closing.

Another perk of working with Curbio is that your involvement is minimal. Curbio project managers will oversee the entire home improvement and staging process, so agents and homeowners do not have to worry about those details. 

Along with offering professional house staging services, Curbio also offers a pay-at-closing price model for home improvement projects. You can touch-up your exterior, add a fresh coat of paint, or even update your kitchen before selling to get even more money back at the closing table. Learn more about that here.

If you plan on selling your home any time soon, definitely consider using Curbio! With the right upgrades your home could potentially sell faster and you could make a larger profit… and with Curbio, you can Fix Now, Pay When you Sell – which means Curbio covers the costs of upgrades and renovations, and you pay them back once the home sells! If you have more questions about how it works and want to see if it’s a good fit for you, you may find the answers to your questions here.

Cheers to getting your home sold fast and at max profit!

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