How I automate filter changes

You guys know that I’m the Queen of “set it and forget it”. If there’s a process that can be outsourced and automated- I’m here for it!

Remembering to change air filters at home can be a pain! Especially since most air filters need to be changed every 3 months. Now, multiply that by several rental properties and it can be a nightmare to keep up with.

When it comes to tasks like these I love outsourcing and putting them on autopilot as much as possible. That’s why I get the filters for my properties delivered on a set schedule. I just set it and forget it! (And you can too!)

Here’s how it works:

  1. I select the filters I need from Second Nature
  2. I choose the frequency I want those filters delivered
  3. The filters are delivered to the doorstep of my rentals and my tenants change the filters out.

It’s that simple. If you want to implement this process for your home or rentals (or both!) get your filters here.

Changing your filters on a regular basis not only maintains healthy air quality in your home and rentals, but it also extends the lifespan of your HVAC system (and those are not cheap to replace)!

So, if you can’t remember when the last time you changed your air filters or if you’re ready to automate the process, click here to get your first set of filters delivered!

Here’s to amazing air quality!

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