3 Ways to Save Money on Renovations

3 ways to SAVE MONEY on materials and appliances for your home or rental:

Habitat ReStore is my first stop for renovation materials! They have new and used building materials, appliances and furniture. These items are donated by companies and individuals and then sold at a deep discount to support the Habitat for Humanity mission. I’ve purchased brand new tile, paint and backsplash and more from my local ReStore. And once I even bought a brand new Restoration Hardware headboard with the tags on it for $100. The retail price was over $1,000!⁣
Go to https://www.habitat.org/restores and enter your zipcode to search for the stores in your area. ⁣

Did you know that Best Buy has a section in their stores and on their website called “Open Box”? It’s the first place I look for appliances. The “Open Box” section consists of items that were floor displays or were purchased and returned within 15 days. There may be a dent or scratch here or there but all of the open box items are in excellent working condition. The fridge we have in our home now was originally $3k, but we got it for $1500 because it was a floor display. #winning

When we know we have a project coming up and Lowe’s is about to be our second home, we go ahead and buy Lowe’s gift cards from CardPool. For instance you may find a $100 Lowe’s gift card for $90. Yes it is legit. We’ve used it several times. People who get gift cards they will never use or if they have money left on a gift card but they really need the CASH, they sell the gift cards at a discount on CardPool. Cardpool verifies the gift cards. When it comes to renovations every penny counts!

Are you going to try any of these? Let me know!

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